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Ross Bushman discusses the strategy used at Coldwell-Wilcox and its sister companies.
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Water control gates and gate technology - a full range of water control products offered by Coldwell Wilcox

Water control gates and gate technology - a full range of water control products are offered by Coldwell-Wilcox. Formed in 2001, Coldwell-Wilcox Technologies, LLC is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has contracted with Cast-Fab Technologies, Inc. for the manufacturer of its Water Control Products.

Both metal cast and metal fabricated, we offer a full range of water control gates and water control technology including:

  • Sluice Gates
  • Slide Gates and Weirs
  • Flap Gates
  • Pontoon Gates
  • Stop Gates, Stop Plates and Stop Logs
  • Tide Gates
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Telescopic Valves
  • Float Control Valves
  • Special Metal Fabrications

Rich in tradition, Coldwell Wilcox has been a well-known name in the water control gate and wastewater control equipment industry for over 100 years. Our gates, valves have been used in water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatement plants, dams and spillways. The legacy began with Krejewski-Peasant in New York City and continued with its sale to WS Rockwell in Connecticut. Purchased to consolidate the butterfly valve business into their product line, they continued to manufacture water control gates and gate technology equipment for many years.

Our valued partner, Cast-Fab has owned and operated the former Cincinnati Milacron Met-Fab Division since 1988, and at the time of purchase had been producing iron castings and fabrications for over 100 years. Combining the expertise of Cast-Fab with the experience and leadership from the former Coldwell-Wilcox Company, Cast-Fab is one of the largest combination cast iron metal foundry and metal fabrication facilities in the Water Control Gate industry. A world leader in its industry, Cast-Fab has a strong commitment to continuous improvement in product quality, and this carries over to the Water Control Gates industry. Registered to the ISO series for over 10 years, Cast-Fab’s transition to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard further enhances this commitment. Serving a wide variety of markets, the company operates as an independent job shop and is dedicated to providing the highest quality cast metal and fabricated metal products available in the Water Control Gate industry.

Together, both companies work with a diverse group of dedicated individuals with extensive foundry, fabrication, machining and engineering experience. Beyond having experience, Coldwell-Wilcox Technologies employees are committed to the growth of the company and to the consistent quality of each product. Everyone is responsible for their portion of total quality, resulting in a unified approach to providing customers with products that meet and exceed their expectations.

For more information please contact:
Thomas R. Caldwell – Accounts Manager

Coldwell-Wilcox Technologies, LLC
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Cincinnati, OH 45209
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Proudly made in America

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3040 Forrer Street • Cincinnati, Ohio 45209 • Phone: 513-758-1010 • Fax: 513-758-1002
Coldwell-Wilcox Technologies, LLC and Security Systems Equipment are owned subsidiaries of Cast-Fab Technologies, Inc.