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Sluice Gates

Sluice gates are fluid control products that provide a mechanical means of controlling liquid flow through an opening in a variety of applications within the water and wastewater industry. The Coldwell-Wilcox sluice gates meet and exceed the requirements of the AWWA standard for cast slide gates. Sluice gates can be cast in A126 class B cast iron, Ductile cast iron ASTM A536 class B, cast iron ASTM A1236 class B with 2% nickel and NiResist ASTM A436 type 1 or 2 in all sizes from 6 inches to 156 inches.
>> Sluice Gate Specifications

Slide Gates

Slide gates are fluid control products that provide a mechanical means of controlling liquid flow through an opening in a variety of applications within the water and wastewater industry. Coldwell-Wilcox designed slide gates are fabricated aluminum or stainless steel with UHMW/neoprene seals on two sides or two sides and top and a neoprene flushbottom seal at the bottom. This construction meets or exceeds the AWWA leakage standard. Adding J-seal to the unseating side will substantial reduce the unseating leakage even further. Slide gate designs are either self-contained or conventional and surface mount or embedded type. Slide gates can be open/close or modulating service.
>> Fabricated Stainless Steel Slide Gate Specifications
>> Fabricated Aluminum Slide Gate Specifications

Weir Gates

Weir gates are used to control water flow in different applications by opening downward and holding an elevation of water column or metering water flow by allowing flow over the stainless steel or aluminum disc. Weir gates can be self-contained or conventional in construction and surface mount or embedded type. A weir gate is a downward opening slide gate.
>> Fabricated Stainless Steel Weir Gate Specifications
>> Fabricated Aluminum Weir Gate Specifications

FLAP Gates

Flap gates are the simplest way to prevent water from returning back into pipes and openings. The gate is designed so that whatever the size, a small flow will open the gate with unseating pressure and will remain watertight with seating pressure. Also known as tide gates and floodgates because of their ability to prevent back flow into a discharging system. Normally flap gates are round or rectangular cast iron. If required, both round and rectangular can be ductile, 2% nickel or NiResist cast. Rectangular flap gates can also be fabricated in A36 steel, 304(L) or 316(L) stainless steel.
>> Flap Gate Specifications

Flexible Flap Gates

Flexible flap gates are excellent for water and wastewater applications. Suited for gravity flow by opening under very low unseating head. Also suited for pump discharge and withstanding the pump discharge slamming action. A flexible flap gate usually consists of a stainless steel frame, minimum 1" thick reinforced flexible neoprene cover, flexible cover hinge and neoprene lip seal seat. The resilient seat minimizes the leakage.

Stop Logs

Stop logs are used for incremental level control of water flow in an open channel. Logs are in 12" by any required length with lip seal across the long bottom to create a seal between logs. The logs are inserted in a channel frame with vertical lip seals to seal between the logs and frame. Coldwell-Wilcox stop logs are fabricated in aluminum, stainless steel or a combination of aluminum logs and stainless steel frame. Stop log frames can either be embedded which is the case for most or surface mount. Each length log is provided with a lanyard type lifter for removing or installing logs in the frame one at a time and thus controlling the water level as needed. An overhead crane or mobile crane is needed to install or remove the logs.
>> Stainless Steel Stop Log Specifications
>> Aluminum Stop Log Specifications

Stop Gates

Stop gates are designed to block water flow in open channel and available in almost any size. They are fabricated from aluminum or stainless steel and include reinforcements to limit deflection of the disc under the design head condition. The disc will have either one or two hand holes depending on the gate width for removing and installing the stop gate disc manually. The frame is lined vertically with UHMW/neoprene side seals and a neoprene flushbottom seal across the bottom. Stop gate frames can be either embedded or surface mount type.


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